Project X started back in 2002 when our friend "Comedy Ha Ha" had the idea of making a sequel to Capcom's X-Men: Children of the Atom. He united with a small group of creators and enthusiasts in order to make the game a reality by use of the M.U.G.E.N game engine. The project was original found on the forum Warmachine Madness with a satellite site at

Over time Project X when through various periods of leadership at various locations on the internet. Now, with a combination of old team members, many new additions and the blessing of those who have helped in the past, this fan effort began anew hosted by the Infinity Mugen Team.


In 2010 Project X release it's first full game, X-Men: Second Coming with a subsequent updates released throughout 2011.


In 2012 Project X began work on it's second full game release, Avengers vs. X-Men which is due to be released in March 2013.